*New* – Waste Water Treatment Phase Microscopy Kit

Hey there bug farmers! Are you having trouble with some common waste water treatment problems? Poor floc formation? Low oxygen levels? Flagellate bloom, filamentous bulking, or foaming? Well microscopic analyses may be your answer.

Microscopic Analyses, via phase microscopy in particular, is a significant, but often overlooked way to monitor and control a biological waste treatment system. Phase contrast microscopy is critical, as it reveals many cellular structures that are not visible with a standard bright field microscope. It is an essential tool to help predict major changes long before they become a problem in your system.

By regularly monitoring your “bugs” your system will run smoother, more efficiently, and most importantly, will be cheaper to maintain.

In response to the growing need for quality microscopic analyses, BME Lab and Science is pleased to offer a complete phase microscopy set assembled specifically for waste water treatment facilities, and all for under $3,500.


The set includes: a powerful, 4 objective (4x, 10x, 40xr, 100xr-oil), trinocular microscope with LED illumination, a turret phase contrast objective kit (10x, 20x, 40xr, 100xr-oil) and a 5mp MiniVID digital eyepiece camera to capture and record images while scanning specimens.



Traditional Bright Field Microscopy VS Phase Contrast Microscopy


This microscope set will fulfill all your waste water treatment microscopy needs and is backed by over 30 years of equipment knowledge and service from BME Lab and Science.

For more information about this set or other laboratory equipment you might need, please contact us at 651-646-5339 and ask for Tom Medina!