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Basic Prepared Slide Set of 25


Prepared slide Set, 25 slides contains: Mitosis in plants (cs), Pollen grains (wm), Amoeba (wm), Yeast cells (wm), Green algae (wm), Letter "e", Tape worm (ts), Silk fabric (wm), Lily lear (vs), Mammal lung (ts), Meiosis in animals, Aves Feather (wm), Lily Stamen (ts), Mammal hair (wm), Mosquito mouth parts (wm), Housefly mouth parts (wm), Frog blood smear, Human blood smear, Onion cell (wm), Hibiscus stem (ts), Wool Fabric (wm), Fish scale (wm), Skeletal muscle (wm), Herbaceous stem (young, ts), Skin cell (vs).

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  • Model: SLD025-SET/25

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