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Advanced Physics

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CGB001 Cavendish Gravitational Balance

Cavendish Gravitational Balance

Unique small scale version of the famous Cavendish experiment to verify Newton's Law of Gravity and measure the Universal Gravitational Constant, G....


PEA001 Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus

Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus

Comprehensive equipment set for studying the electric and magnetic properties fo an electron beam. CRT tube, power supplies, and deflection coils are...


ZEA001 Complete Zeeman Effect Apparatus

Complete Zeeman Effect Apparatus

Set of equipment for studying the Zeeman Effect in the mercury green line at 545.1 nm. Includes a 1.0T electromagnet that allows longitudinal or...


FBCD01 Force Between Conductors Demonstrator

Force Between Conductors Demonstrator

Reliable and dramatic demonstration of the magnetic force between two current-carrying parallel conductors. Safely applies a large current to two...


FCPN01 Foucault's Pendulum

Foucault's Pendulum

Display version of the Foucault 1851 experiment to demonstrate the Earth's rotation. The 57" high unit contains a maintained pendulum whose...


FHA001 Franck-Hertz Apparatus

Franck-Hertz Apparatus

Set of equipment used for observing the excitation transitions of electrons in Argon. Compact unit includes Argon tube, power supplies and amplifier...


LOD001 Laser Optics Demonstrator

Laser Optics Demonstrator

Comprehensive set of equipment with built in He-Ne laser.  Top quality optical glass components allow over 75 experiments in geometric and physical...


LFD001 Lorentz Force Demonstrator

Lorentz Force Demonstrator

Classic "efine beam tube" set for the visual and quantitative demonstration of electronbeam properties and the measurement of e/m. The...


MFPL01 Michelson & Fabry-perot Interferometer

Michelson & Fabry-perot Interferometer

High precision interferometer with interchangeable optics for Michelson or Fabry-Perot setups. 200mm precision geared lead screw for fine...


MODA01 Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus

Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus

Classic Oil Drop Experiment for measuring the electron charge. Features double draft shield system, CCD microscope camera and computer control for...


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