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TFRB Resonance Box with Tuning Forks

Resonance Box with Tuning Forks

Each unit consists of a wooden resonator box, tuning fork, and a tuning mallet. Resonator box is 18cm x 9cm x 5cm. Available in 3 tuning frequencies...

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RPLTNK1 Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank

This device demonstrates the generation, propagation, reflection, interference and diffraction of waves. It comes with all accessories necessary for...


TFSS01 Tuning Fork and Striker Set

Tuning Fork and Striker Set

Discover the science of music with the Tuning Fork and Striker Set. The 256Hz tuning fork is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and has been...


TFBOX Tuning Fork Boxed Set

Tuning Fork Boxed Set

Our best-selling Tuning Fork Set now coe in a wooden box with foam lining. Each tuning fork has a specific place in the foam lining die-cut for easy...

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TFHAM Tuning Fork Hammers

Tuning Fork Hammers

Specially constructed hammers for sounding tuning forks. One hammer has a spherical hard rubber head on a varnished hardwood handle. The other hammer...

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TFK Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks

Made of Aluminum alloy. The frequency and scale letter is stamped on each fork.

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WDS Wave Demonstrator Set

Wave Demonstrator Set

Set includes two helical springs and a length of cotton string. The long, narrow spring measures 3/4" x 72", and can be extended to 5 meters. the...

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WMD001 Wave Motion Demonstrator

Wave Motion Demonstrator

This outstandingly versatile transverse wave machine consists of a series of pendulums independently suspended on a common base and coupled together...


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