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ATRK Air Track and Accessories

Air Track and Accessories

This air track is constructed of high quality aluminum alloy and has the advantages of being both lightweight and highly durable. Precision machining...

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BLCAR1 Ballistics Car

Ballistics Car

Push the cart and eject the steel ball from the spring-loaded barrel. The ball falls back into the barrel of the moving car, demonstrating that the...


PULBN Bench Pulley

Bench Pulley

Both pulleys with table clamps feature sturdy steel frames, and 50mm diameter plastic sheaves. Available in deluxe or student versions.

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CTDA01 Collision in Two Dimensions Apparatus

Collision in Two Dimensions Apparatus

This apparatus allows students to investigate conservation of momentum and kinetic energy change in collisions. It can also be used to compare...


DBS002 Demonstration Balance Support

Demonstration Balance Support

Sturdy support for meter stick demonstration balances and torque experiments. The cast metal support is 18.5 cm high. Requires knife-edge clamps,...


PUD Demonstration Pulleys

Demonstration Pulleys

These jumbo sized pulleys are designed for classroom demonstration. The single, double, triple, and quadruple pulleys are all 70mm in diameter. The...

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DTPHG1 Digital Timer with Photogates

Digital Timer with Photogates

This four-digit timer is designed to be used with air tracks, free fall apparatus and other equipment. It is microprocessor-controlled and offers...

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INPM01 Economy Inclined Plane

Economy Inclined Plane

Economical version of the traditional wood inclined plane. 80cm long x 12cm wide. Made of MDF. Includes adjustable-angle pulley and a 14mm diameter...


FSMKIT02-E Elementary Simple Machines Kit

Elementary Simple Machines Kit

Recommended for grades 3 to 8, this set is idea for introducing students to the concepts of changing force by levers and pulleys, and the notion of...


FNCRT1 Fan Cart

Fan Cart

A basic, inexpensive Fan Cart powered by two AA size batteries (not included) demonstrates Newton’s principle of action and reaction. The batteries...


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