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ABM ALNICO Bar Magnet 2/PK.

ALNICO Bar Magnet 2/PK.

Powerful Alnico 1 bar magnets, shipped in pairs with end keepers. Magnets are painted with North and South poles clearly marked. Width: 1/2";...

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MSET4 ALNICO Magnet Set of 4

ALNICO Magnet Set of 4

Set of 4 powerful alnico magnets with keepers. Set consists of 2 bar magnets 80mm x 15mm x 10mm; a small horseshoe magnet 25mm tall x 8mm wide; and a...


MHS Alnico U-Shaped Magnets

Alnico U-Shaped Magnets

Painted Red and supplied with a keeper. Available in 3" or 1".

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AMPR01 Ampere's Rule Apparatus

Ampere's Rule Apparatus

This apparatus allows students to study the magnetic field around a wire. Heavy brass wire with terminals is arranged on a clear plastic base. Also...


CBM Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic Magnets

We offer a variety of economical ceramic bar, disc, and ring shaped magnets. Magnets are unpainted, except where noted.

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CMSET1 Ceramic Magnets, 6 Colors

Ceramic Magnets, 6 Colors

A set of colorful ceramic disc magnets, in six primary colors. Magnets are 25mm in diameter. Suitable for ages 11+.


MGTCOW Cow Magnet

Cow Magnet

This magnet is generally fed to cows to attract metal particles they may have ingested while grazing. Students can use it in the classroom for...


ACM Cylindrical Magnets

Cylindrical Magnets

Strong Alnico 1 cylindrical magnets, shipped in pairs, with separators and keepers. North pole marked with a dot.

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MNSB04 Demonstration Compass

Demonstration Compass

4" magnetic needle on a plastic support with a brass pivot.


MGTKIT Economy Magnet Kit

Economy Magnet Kit

An exceptional value! This kit includes a variety of Magnets and accessories for teaching basics of magnetism. Comes in a reusable storage box....


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